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What is the Innovation for All Program ?

The Innovation for All Project, funded by the European Union and implemented by the International Center for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) in coordination with the Ministry of Industry and Technology and Çukurova Development Agency, aims to establish and sustain businesses through cooperation between actors in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The IFA (Innovation for All) Incubation Program, carried out by Mersin Technopark within the framework of the Innovation for All Project, aims to support Turkish Citizens and Syrians under Temporary Protection residing in Mersin who aim to establish an enterprise or improve their existing business.

Entrepreneurs participating in the program benefit from services such as basic entrepreneurship trainings, accelerator trainings, mentoring support, PR support and networking events, while having access to common areas such as IFA Co-Working Space, 3D Prototyping Center and Multimedia Studio.

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Who can apply for the Innovation for All IFA INCUBATOR PROGRAM?


Citizens of the Republic of Turkey or Syrians under temporary protection who have a business idea especially in the IT and technology sector, who want to realize this business idea or develop their existing business, who reside in Mersin, who are over the age of 18 can apply.






Benefits of the Project

Basic Entrepreneurship Training

Entrepreneurs whose applications are approved receive the 5-day online "Basic Entrepreneurship Training". At the end of the program, they fill in the application form describing their business plans and request to participate in Accelerator trainings.

Accelerator Trainings

Within the scope of the INNOVATION FOR ALL IFA Incubation Program, 4 periods of Accelerator Entrepreneurship Training are held every year. Entrepreneurs who complete the basic entrepreneurship training and whose business plans are successful are eligible to participate in the Accelerator Training. The capacity of the trainings is limited to 20 entrepreneurs.

Mentor Support

Entrepreneurs who complete the Accelerator Training are matched with mentors experienced in their sectors and receive mentoring support.

Networking Meetings

Program beneficiaries have the opportunity to meet and develop collaborations with investors, mentors and entrepreneurs in the region at Networking Meetings.

IFA Co-working Space

Program beneficiaries benefit from a computerized co-working space where 20 Entrepreneurs can work at the same time.

Prototyping Support

Entrepreneurs can carry out pre-prototyping processes for their business ideas at the INNOVATION FOR ALL 3D Prototyping Workshop.

Multimedia Studio Utilization and PR Support

During the INNOVATION FOR ALL IFA Incubation Program, entrepreneurs' product and company introductions, photos and videos of their success stories are prepared and published on the INNOVATION FOR ALL IFA web platform and mobile application.